Posted 6/1/2018

At CST Pvt Ltd we are people and environment friendly. We recondition steel rolls, adding to the recycling of steel.

Steel is the world's most recycled material. The recycling rate of steel is well over 80%, with over 600 million tons of steel being recycled yearly (1). The metallurgic properties of steel allow it to be fully recycled. And unlike many other materials, the incentive and infrastructure for recycling steel exists. 

CST is proud to be part of the industry that reconditions and refurbishes forged and hardsurfaced rolls for the Steel, Cement and Forging Industries. 

At CST, we aim to be friendly to people and the environment. We strongly believe in reuse, recycle and reduce. Some of our projects to ensure environment sustainability are installation of solar panels and reusing our waste. We have even made bricks out of our slag! 

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(1) steelsustainability.org/recycling