Providing Enhanced Value !

Posted 8/22/2018


At CST Pvt Ltd, customer care is not just about high quality and cost-effective products, we also ensure that our customers receive enhanced value through the customized solutions and services we provide.


We work closely with our customers to identify problems and design procedures that meet our clients manufacturing requirements. We also provide turnkey solutions to install hardfacing facilities in-house. CST Pvt Ltd repairs and maintains rolls as well as provides complete roll management expertise for casters and hot strip mills. Reclamation of hot forging dies is also our expertise.


We cover everything from forged steel rolls, roller jackets, complete roll assembly for continuous casting machines and hot strip mills, to rolls for slab casters, CSP’s, plate mills, hot strip and steckel mills, including high performance ‘WELDCLAD’ caster rolls. We also manufacture a range of Tungsten Carbide Rolls for Wire and Bar Rod Mills, both as solid ground blanks and grooved as well as Tungsten Carbide Hardsurfaced Rolls and Guides for high productivity.


We have all the hardsurfacing solutions for you!

We are CST Pvt Ltd-Your Global Partners for Hardsurfaced Rolls and Roll Assemblies.


*For a full range of our products & services offered visit--> Products | Product Types | Services

Exciting times ahead-Investing in our Future!

Posted 8/2/2018

July was an exciting month here at CST Pvt Ltd. We welcomed new machinery into the CST Chennai facility to keep up with our worldwide customer demands! Our new Heavy Duty Roll Turning NC Lathes allow us to perform jobs up to 10m long. We are your global partners for hardsurfaced rolls and roll assemblies after all!


We are constantly investing in our future and looking for the best technology to serve you better. Our experienced professionals work closely with you, our esteemed customers, to come up with highly satisfactory and full-fledged products and services.


We manufacture and recondition a wide range of wear resistant forged rolls and hardsurfaced rolls for Steel, Cement, and Forging Industries. Check out our full catalogue of products and services offered. We provide customized solutions to meet all your wear needs !


Contact us today at Follow us at on twitter at @cstpvtltd to stay connected with our news and updates!


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Our High Performing Foot Rolls for Casters!

Posted 7/6/2018

Let's take a minute to marvel at the performance of CST Pvt Ltd's Foot Rolls.

Need more evidence? We have some real stats of our foot rolls used by Tata Steel, Jamshedpur, one of our cherished clients.  

Caster rolls, foot and upper zero segment locations are required to work in high temperature environments and need to resist a high wear due to erosion caused by the use of casting powders high in fluoride, as shown in the figure below. 


The Solution: A high alloy material Weldclad 800 that has eliminated the wear erosion problem.


The Real Stats:

*actual figures from trials at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur

-Cr hardfaced Rolls- 200 heats (maximum) (Tonnes per heat – 138) 

-HP Roll of CST crossed 2500 heats and still running. 
-Expected to cross 3500 heats. 
-Increase in life: Over Eight times and running.  

Contact us at for further inquiries.

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Hardsurfacing Rolls ?!

Posted 6/29/2018

CST Pvt Ltd stands for Corewire Surface Technology Pvt Ltd. The Corewire is a shout out to our origins and partner Corewire Ltd, UK, a world leader in their field.


So why is our online platform named ‘hardsurfacedrolls’ and not the more conventional choice for most companys-'the company name'. The domain name was not by accident but a well thought of decision.

 When you think of hardsurfacing your rolls, we want you to think of us.


So, what is hardsurfacing or hardfacing?


When rolls start to wear, they lose their dimension and functionality. Hardsurfacing, also referred to as hardfacing, is the application of wear-resistant weld materials (such as wires) to a roll’s surface. A special type of electrode or wire is used for the application. Simply put, it is welding a reinforced layer onto the roll.


It is frequently believed that hardened rolls have a better service life than the original ones. Hardfacing a new roll increases its wear resistance and it helps restore the worn-down surface of an old roll.


At CST Pvt Ltd, we use Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) processes and high performance WELDCLAD surfaces to hardsurface rolls, in addition to our other services and product offerings. 


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Source: Cold rolling of steel, William L Roberts

Recondition, Repair, Reclaim, Refurbish, and Rebuild Rolls (5Rs!!)

Posted 6/20/2018

The 5R’s at CST Pvt Ltd

‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ are three R’s, CST Pvt Ltd strongly believes in and implements. The Services we provide include 5 more Big R’s!

Recondition, Repair, Reclaim, Refurbish, and Rebuild 

At CST Pvt Ltd, some of our Services include:

  • Reconditioning and Refurbishing of a wide range of hardsurfaced rolls and wear resistant forged rolls.
  • Repairing rolls for Casters and Hot Strip Mills, and worn parts like chocks, wear liners, forging dies, crusher rolls etc.
  • Rebuilding used forged rolls with a capacity of up to 25 tonnes!
  • Reclamation of worn rolls for running casters.

All our facilities are in-house. And we have reconditioned over 2000 rollers for steel and cement plants in India and all over the World.


So why Recondition and Repair your Rolls?

The reconditioning process reduces tooling costs, increases efficiency, improves shop safety, and increases the productivity of the rollers. It also increases the lifespan of the rolls.

Besides the cost benefit, it helps preserve resources and operate more sustainably, an aspect that has become increasingly important these days.


CST Pvt Ltd offers customized solutions for the wear and tear of your Rolls. Our services ensure that the rolls have a longer life and higher performance after reconditioning at our facility.


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Optimizing Your Maintenance Costs

Posted 6/15/2018

At CST Pvt Ltd, you don’t just get a Top-Quality Product, our products and services help optimize your maintenance costs too.

Don’t believe us?!

Take our Pinch Roll Performance, for example. At CST Pvt Ltd, we hardsurface Top and Bottom Pinch Rolls-New or Reconditioned-with the proven Grade Weldclad 4 technology.

This has demonstrated excellent resistance to wear, cracking and pick-up. Furthermore, these rolls are being used by some of our esteemed clients at JSW-Ispat, Tata Steel, Bushan Power and Steel and SAIL plants for over 10 years now. The observed wear on our Pinch Rolls is significantly less than a traditional Cast Roll. 


Our HP Foot Rolls are another example, the HP Rolls of CST have crossed 2500 heats, are still running and expected to cross 3500. When compared to Cr Hardsurfaced Rolls with a 200-heat maximum, our Foot Rolls will help optimize your costs!


We work with all our customer to find that perfect customized solution. Contact us with your enquiries or to request a product specific brochure.

 Find a cost-effective solution for all your roll wear problems at CST Pvt Ltd !


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Quality-The CST Advantage

Posted 6/11/2018

Our Strict Quality Control measures set us apart from our competitors. We call it the CST Advantage!

Our customers can always count on the consistent quality of our products and services.

So, what does it take to consistently produce high quality work? -Hard work, attention to detail and procedures for monitoring and assessment.

CST processes ensure that our range of products and services are of the highest quality. To carry this out we have: 

  • In-house heat treatment facility with furnaces specifically designed for roll heat treatment and dedicated vendors for large sized treatments.
  • Quality control procedures designed to meet stringent quality demands of OEM customers.
  • Quality control programs that ensure crack free rolls with strict dimensional control as specified by the clients. 

High quality ensures High Performance, Increased efficiency and Increased Productivity.

 Here’s to Setting New Benchmarks in Roll Life. It’s the CST Way!

Counting Down to the weekend with a Fifa World Cup Countdown!

Posted 6/8/2018

With only 6 Days to go for the FIFA WorldCup 2018, the incredible stadiums built for this mega event are all spruced up and ready! The stadium constructions made the most use of Russian Steel, with the country even opening new steel plants.


One of the stadiums used 8,000 tonnes of steel to build its translucent roof. In addition, many of the stadiums have used flexible steel frames to allow the venues to be transformed and used for other purposes after the World Cup. This ensures ongoing sustainability of the stadiums. The VTB Arena that can be configured into a 45,000-capacity stadium from a 27,000-capacity stadium, is only one such example.


Cutting-edge engineering concepts have been used to build these transformable structures, keeping the modern shift towards sustainability and recycling in mind. Good things do happen with Steel!


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Posted 6/5/2018

Hardsurfacing Rolls and Roll Assemblies. Steel, Tariffs, steel tariffs, Trump

After the Trump Administration imposed its new tariffs on Canada, the EU and Mexico, there has been much talk about Steel Industries around the World. Many world leaders have voiced their dissatisfaction on how these new aluminium and steel tariffs would affect their exports.


In India, industry leaders and research agencies show no unanimity on how the decision will affect the industry. Many say that as Asia produces more than two-thirds of the world’s steel, it will be ‘minimally affected’ when compared to the rest of America’s trading partners. India’s steel exports to the US remain very low as well. However, some reports have warned that India needs to brace itself for more imports from China into India.


There is good news for the Indian Steel Industry, the Ministry of Steel reported that Steel production in India is forecast to double by 2031, with the growth rate to go over 10%. The country’s share of global steel production is said to increase by 2021, to 7.7 per cent from 5.4 per cent.


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Posted 6/1/2018

At CST Pvt Ltd we are people and environment friendly. We recondition steel rolls, adding to the recycling of steel.

Steel is the world's most recycled material. The recycling rate of steel is well over 80%, with over 600 million tons of steel being recycled yearly (1). The metallurgic properties of steel allow it to be fully recycled. And unlike many other materials, the incentive and infrastructure for recycling steel exists. 

CST is proud to be part of the industry that reconditions and refurbishes forged and hardsurfaced rolls for the Steel, Cement and Forging Industries. 

At CST, we aim to be friendly to people and the environment. We strongly believe in reuse, recycle and reduce. Some of our projects to ensure environment sustainability are installation of solar panels and reusing our waste. We have even made bricks out of our slag! 

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