Hardsurfacing Rolls ?!

Posted 6/29/2018

CST Pvt Ltd stands for Corewire Surface Technology Pvt Ltd. The Corewire is a shout out to our origins and partner Corewire Ltd, UK, a world leader in their field.


So why is our online platform named ‘hardsurfacedrolls’ and not the more conventional choice for most companys-'the company name'. The domain name was not by accident but a well thought of decision.

 When you think of hardsurfacing your rolls, we want you to think of us.


So, what is hardsurfacing or hardfacing?


When rolls start to wear, they lose their dimension and functionality. Hardsurfacing, also referred to as hardfacing, is the application of wear-resistant weld materials (such as wires) to a roll’s surface. A special type of electrode or wire is used for the application. Simply put, it is welding a reinforced layer onto the roll.


It is frequently believed that hardened rolls have a better service life than the original ones. Hardfacing a new roll increases its wear resistance and it helps restore the worn-down surface of an old roll.


At CST Pvt Ltd, we use Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) processes and high performance WELDCLAD surfaces to hardsurface rolls, in addition to our other services and product offerings. 


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Source: Cold rolling of steel, William L Roberts