Recondition, Repair, Reclaim, Refurbish, and Rebuild Rolls (5Rs!!)

Posted 6/20/2018

The 5R’s at CST Pvt Ltd

‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ are three R’s, CST Pvt Ltd strongly believes in and implements. The Services we provide include 5 more Big R’s!

Recondition, Repair, Reclaim, Refurbish, and Rebuild 

At CST Pvt Ltd, some of our Services include:

  • Reconditioning and Refurbishing of a wide range of hardsurfaced rolls and wear resistant forged rolls.
  • Repairing rolls for Casters and Hot Strip Mills, and worn parts like chocks, wear liners, forging dies, crusher rolls etc.
  • Rebuilding used forged rolls with a capacity of up to 25 tonnes!
  • Reclamation of worn rolls for running casters.

All our facilities are in-house. And we have reconditioned over 2000 rollers for steel and cement plants in India and all over the World.


So why Recondition and Repair your Rolls?

The reconditioning process reduces tooling costs, increases efficiency, improves shop safety, and increases the productivity of the rollers. It also increases the lifespan of the rolls.

Besides the cost benefit, it helps preserve resources and operate more sustainably, an aspect that has become increasingly important these days.


CST Pvt Ltd offers customized solutions for the wear and tear of your Rolls. Our services ensure that the rolls have a longer life and higher performance after reconditioning at our facility.


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